George Tinworth - a Doulton lambeth 10.25in (26cm) ewer

George Tinworth - a Doulton lambeth 10.25in (26cm) ewer


An enigma! This could be a VERY early piece, as strangely, it is signed underneath and not on the side as usual. It can be no later than 1873, the date of the silver rim, which for George Tinworth is in itself an exceptional feature. The ewer weighs 1029g.

The 10.25in (26cm) ewer has the Doulton Lambeth impressed mark, and uniquely, George Tinworth’s monogram UNDERNEATH!

The silver rim may conceal a chip, as impressed mark indicates that the ewer dates from the period 1870-72 or possibly earlier, and the silver rim is hallmarked for 1873.

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