George Tinworth -a Doulton Lambeth 30cm (12in) ”bat’s-wing” vase

George Tinworth -a Doulton Lambeth 30cm (12in) ”bat’s-wing” vase


Who said that George Tinworth when making vases, sang from only one hymn sheet? This lovely vase proves that he could be creative in both colour and pattern. This is a rare opportunity to acquire a beautiful and imaginative vase by the great man.

A 12in (30cm) Doulton Lambeth vase with a spiral ‘bat-wing’ design. The vase is signed near the base with a ‘GT’ monogram. Underneath it has the impressed Doulton Lambeth mark with the word ’ENGLAND’ (dating the vase to the period 1892-1902), and an assistant’s monogram MH. The vase weighs 1167g.

The vase had a chip to the top rim, and a 3cm hairline crack. These have been professionally and invisibly restored. The is also some ‘wear and tear’ damage to some of the beading.

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