Edith Lupton - a Doulton Lambeth pair of 27cm (10.75in) vases  1

Edith Lupton - a Doulton Lambeth pair of 27cm (10.75in) vases 1


These beautiful 10.75in (27cm) Doulton Lambeth vases are reminiscent of a Victorian conservatory, and also Edith Lupton's Silicon ware vases. A matched pair, the roundels are handed, left and right. On the base of a Slaters Patent ground, Edith Lupton has added a large variety of shapes, using an equally large variety of techniques. A real ceramic tour-de-force.

The vases have the impressed Doulton Lambeth mark with the date of 1887. They are both monogrammed by Edith Lupton and numbered 1. They are also monogrammed by an assistant, LA. These are a true pair, with the tondos facing in opposite directions, but interestingly, some of the areas coloured dark brown and mid grey are reversed on the two vases. The vases weigh a total of 2105g.

The vases are in excellent condition, with no cracks, chips, crazing or restoration. The only way in which they differ from the day they were fired, is that there is a slight loss of gilding around the top rims.

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