Mark Marshall (attributed) - A Doulton Lambeth 33cm (13.5in) jug – 1280

Mark Marshall (attributed) - A Doulton Lambeth 33cm (13.5in) jug – 1280


If only all enigmas were this spectacular and beautiful! We are not sure of the designer of this jug with its ambitious studies of nature, but we know that it must be one of the 'greats'.

A Doulton Lambeth 13.25in (33cm) jug with frog spout and chameleon handle. The jug has the impressed Doulton Lambeth mark with the word, 'England' underneath, (dating it to the period 1892-1902), and the incised monogram of Emily Partington. It also has an impressed series number 1280.

It is impossible to attribute the jug firmly to any artist. The animalia content makes one believe that it is the creation of Mark V Marshall. In the catalogue of the Richard Dennis 1971 exhibition, this jug or a similar one, also with the monogram of Emily Partington, was marked as ‘unattributed’. In 2007, Bonhams sold a similar jug (for over £500) marked as ‘attributed to Mark V Marshall’. The jug weighs 1397g.

The jug is in excellent condition. A small chip to the base (see photo 2) has been invisibly restored and the jug is now in pristine condition.

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