Jacqueline Newnham - A Doulton Lambeth 25cm (10in) vase  7

Jacqueline Newnham - A Doulton Lambeth 25cm (10in) vase 7


Jacqueline Newnham worked at Doultons for 40 years, but despite not being dated, it is easy to place this meticulous vase into her early work. It is exquisite in its attention to detail, the incised lines, the gradation of glazes, and the intricate patterns. They are all executed with the care of a Swiss watchmaker perfection.

This Doulton Lambeth 10in (25cm) vase is an oddity. It is signed in monogram and numbered (7) by a fully recorded Doulton designer, Josephine Newnham, and also signed in monogram by a well-known Doulton assistant Harriet Hibbut but it does not have an impressed Doulton Lambeth mark! The vase weighs 880g.

The vase in in mint condition, except for a minute chip to the base rim which has been professionally and invisibly restored.

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