Mark Marshall - a Royal Doulton bowl/table centre - 4355

Mark Marshall - a Royal Doulton bowl/table centre - 4355


A superb 22.5cm (9in) sculptural Royal Doulton bowl/table centre designed by Mark V Marshall. This bowl/table centre is illustrated on page 200 of Desmond Eyles’ and Louise Irvine’s "The Doulton Lambeth Wares" and described as being a design by Mark V Marshall.

This bowl is 22cm (8.75in) tall and 22.5cm (9in) diameter. It has the Royal Doulton impressed mark with crown and lion. It also has the incised monogram of Florrie Jones, possibly that of Leslie Harradine (see photos), an "Art Union of london" stamp and the series number 4355. The bowl weighs 2293g.

The bowl is in excellent condition with no visible defects such as cracks or chips. Professional restoration has been carried out to damage to the breasts of two of the gryphons, and a firing crack to the base.

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