Emily Stormer - A pair of Doulton Lambeth 40cm (16in) vases - 247

Emily Stormer - A pair of Doulton Lambeth 40cm (16in) vases - 247


This superb pair of Doulton Lambeth vases represents the zenith of Victorian design in the 1870s to 1880s. The vases are large, confident, elaborate, detailed and colourful. It is a true pair with left and right handed designs. It takes only a small amount of imagination to visualise these spectacular vases gracing the ends of a Victorian mantelpiece.

The vases both have the incised monograms of Emily Stormer, and her assistant Mary Aitken as well as Emily Stormer's design number 247. They both have the Doulton Lambeth impressed mark. The combined weight of the vases is almost 5kg.

The vases are in excellent condition with no cracks crazing or restoration. Although there are no beads missing, a minute proportion show slight impact damage to the tops. This is only visible on the closest inspection and in no way spoils the display quality of the vases. One vase has a minute (1cm) firing crack in the top rim.

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